Starch 2018, a lebanese pop-up story

Joe Khoury studio

1000 Lira w Lira

is a shop of

1000 materials all represented in

1 and its 1000 architectural, symbolic hatches.

1000 Lira w Lira

is a shop where

1000 ideas are collaged in 1.

1000 looks are unified.

1 memory is divided, multiplied, and scattered to the mile.

1 idea is documented in 1000 steps.

Or even sold, 1000 times.

1000 Lira w Lira

is the shop of

1000 designers. More like 7, where 2 make 1.

But the rest is yet to come.

1000 Lira w Lira is the hyperbolic/understated story of 1000/Lira and everything around those 2.

In this project, 1000 Lira w Lira we revisited the “1 Dollar Shop” concept and adapted it to the Lebanese Lira, an inflated currency that looses its value as we go, for value is a controversial topic.

1 Dollar Shops, Pound shops, are shops where you find many materials.

1 Dollar Shops, Pound shops, all share 1 rule: no matter how big or small the product, or what it is made of, it is sold at the same unit price, 1, (here, 1000).

1000 Lira w Lira shop is a shop of a “1000“ materials all represented in “1”:

A plaster tile of 250*250*15 mm with 1 variable engraved hatch that symbolizes the different materials: steel, glass, brass, etc.

However in this shop, tiles are sold according to the material they are referring to. And therefore, a brass/plaster tile is more expensive than a steel/plaster tile, of course.

In this shop you can find a “1000” different products from designer clothes to photographs to illustrations, all sold at a “1000”. Well, the currency varies with each product and 1000 as a number is big or small depending to what it is referring to. So you will find cheap or expensive, but those are relative terms.

A “1 Dollar shop” is usually a saving store for the mass.

Geographically, this Lira w Lira shop is located in Beirut Central District, one of the most expensive and “luxurious” location in town: A location where saving stores were gentrified. This project aims to both honour and re-invite the middle mass, the “1000” to join the privileged “1” in a small shop of 30sqm with 1 big changing room of 55sqm, where the budget is somewhere in between. Big or small we mean.

T+T starch 2018 _ credits Joe Khoury studio (22).JPG
T+T starch 2018 _ credits Joe Khoury studio (30).JPG

T+T is a recurring collaboration between 2,

Thomas, an industrial designer who has a company called Hier, and Thea, an in-between architect and designer who now works as a consultant.

They intervene on already existing systems. Look at their stories, describe them, dissect them, translate them, transcribe into new possible stories that reflect them, or change them, both in spaces and products in space.

T+T was selected by Starch foundation for the year 2018.

Starch is a Lebanese non-profit organization, founded by Rabih Kayrouz and Tala Hajjar, and that helps launching Lebanese emerging designers.